Pirate Kings is one of the most popular casual game for mobile gadgets. It involves spinning a wheel and other stuff like steal, attack, defend and (free spins) ( https://www.100free-spins.com/ ). It is a game of luck with a lot of islands, and pirates. As a player, you need to earn as much cash and free spins as possible.

Ways to earn free spins

In Pirate Kings, you should make sure that all potential opportunities are fully maximized. You should spin the wheel as many times as you can. The wheel is considerably non-addictive but if you spin less, you earn less. Going back for more spins secures you more chances of making a great deal for earning more gold coins.

  • Spinning the wheel of fortune
  • Online hack tools

When spinning you should notice the attack and stealing options that are present. This means that besides the hourly wheel spins, there are more ways to generate gold and earn free spins. For example, with the Pirate Kings’ online hack tools, you can get free spins without downloading or installing any application on your mobile phone.

Strategizing your spins

Technically, you can only store a maximum of 50 spins. If you keep it that full, you can’t earn more spins. Therefore, it is best to always reduce them to at least 45. However, emptying your spins is not always the best action to take. For instance, if you have 3 shields, earning more will be a waste.

Many experienced players have provided a lot of resources on their websites for this mobile game. These resources should help you know how to manage your spins. However, you need to understand how the game strategies work so that it will be easier when playing. Players' reviews should be the first place to look.

Applying the Pirate Kings’ cheats

In Pirate Kings, a user’s main work is to choose a story based on their choice. You should then customize the character to make it more classic and beautiful. The more classic your character looks, the more the coins and rewards you get. Therefore, it is important for players to apply more tips and tricks.

  • Stories include romance, horror, drama and much more.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find cash and spins generators on the internet. However, not all of them work perfectly for unlimited rewards. If you must use hack or cheat tools when playing the game, ensure that they come from trusted sources. Most importantly, be conversant with how the tools are used properly.

How to enjoy the game

To make progress in Pirate Kings is pretty easy but it may not be happening as fast as you would like. The faster you progress, the faster you dominate and unlock the islands, and the faster you declare the "pirate king". Additionally, some rare items are available on islands and not on others.

Therefore, make sure that you are continuously checking so that you can collect as much items as you can without missing any. The more battles you engage in, the more free spins you earn and the more diverse your skillset becomes. All this helps you to earn more gold coins and dominate the game.

Currency in Pirate Kings

In Pirate Kings, there are two currencies – cash and spins. To create these currencies, it takes about 3 hours since it involves unlocking several stories and chapters. The cash and spins can be used to purchase more classic and modern costumes for your character. It is therefore crucial for gamers to earn good amounts of currency.

  • Cash
  • Free spins

In conclusion, Pirate Kings boasts a unique and addictive game play. It is a simple game full of incredible items that anyone can easily learn and understand. Therefore, don’t let the cartoon graphics fool you that it’s a childish game. As you mingle with other players, you will understand more why this game is for everyone.